Sunday, May 29, 2022

Gaming guide for above 30 gamers

9 Best PS4 Games for Older Gamers

“Why PS4 and not PS5?”, you’re thinking. That’s because there aren’t enough games out on the PS5 (that are any different from how they were on the PS4) to warrant an entire list. The PlayStation 5 has been out in the market since late 2020, but it only features a handful of games built to […]

Laptop vs desktop gaming PC

Which is better Laptop or Desktop?

For hardcore FPS driven gaming, and intense workloads, a Desktop is better. For casual gaming and average usage, a laptop is better. However, with how technology is progressing, we’re left with a hair’s breadth of a difference on what makes computing on one platform better than another. The question still lingers on the internet’s mind, […]