Monday, April 19, 2021

Gaming guide for above 30 gamers

The Long Dark

5 Games to Make Social Distancing Enjoyable

Covid-19… still around. So what do we do to bide time? Gaming seems nice. We already talked about the 4 best games for older adults, and 5 hit games that still killed their franchises, now here are the best games to make social distancing enjoyable. 1. Heroes of Might and Magic Originally by New World […]

Modern classic PC games

9 modern classic PC Games to play under quarantine

To stave off boredom and perhaps even loneliness, WHO recommends gaming. However, not everyone has a souped-up gaming rig just lying around but that should not preclude you from partaking in the fun. You can pick up the following modern classic pc games to play under quarantine and know that they will run on practically […]